ELD Certification Reports

Schools with certified programs or courses must maintain their certification by submitting reports annually. 

Every 5 years, recertification is required instead of the annual report.

Additional information about annual reports and 5 year recertification can be found below.


Annual Reports

Annual Reports are required per the certification standards.  Reports are due prior to your certification anniversary.

These reports are meant to update the commission on a school’s significant changes and act as “check-in” regarding the standards.

>> File your annual report:  Annual Report (Online Form)

Before you begin:

  • You should have these readily available on your computer.  Some items are required from everyone.  Other items are only needed if there has been a change in operations or personnel since your last report was submitted.



After your annual report is submitted, a commissioner will review your report. 

No news is good news.  You will be contacted only if further information is needed.  If clarification of items in your report is needed, you will be contacted for further details.

Don't forget!  Your annual fee is should be submitted on or before your report being filed.  Your fee is $750 (first site) and $500 for additional sites.  A reminder invoice will be sent to the primary contact.

5 Year Re-Certification

Annual reports are submitted every year.  Every 5th year that annual report becomes a recertification.  Commonly known as a 5 year recert.

The 5 year recert takes the place of your annual report.  You do not need to do both.  Instead a visit is required.  This makes the 5 year recert similar to your initial certification.  You do not pay the initial certification fee again, only the fee corresponding to your recertification visit choice.

Your visit can be virtual or physically onsite. Choose the option that best fits your needs.

>> File Your 5 year recertification by completing the corresponding form (linked below):

Option A: Onsite Visit - Onsite Pre-Assessment (Online Form)

Physical Onsite Recert Fee: $3250 (first site fee $750 + $2500 onsite expense) and $3000 (additional site fee $500 + $2500 onsite expense).  A reminder invoice will be sent.

Option B: Virtual Visit - Virtual Visit Report (Online Form)

Virtual Visit Recert Fee: $750 (first site) and $500 for additional sites.  A reminder invoice will be sent.

Before you the begin Virtual Visit Report:

  • You should have ready access to the required documents prior to completing the report.


The Certification Commission meets three times per year (April, August and December) and will decide certification awards at the meeting following the visit and evaluator’s final report.  

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